3 life-saving items to bring to a hotel – the staycation edition

3 life-saving items to bring to a hotel - the staycation edition

February 12th, 2021

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Staycation, maybe the most popular word in the travel dictionary of the last year. It’s an amazing solution for us travel lovers. We can still enjoy a relaxing night or two away in a place nearby, we just need to be extra creative so we can still get the most out of it. We’ll help to make your staycation the best hotel stay you’ve ever experienced. All it takes is a lovely hotel near you and some extra space in your luggage.

A toothbrush, shampoo, pajamas… Things we all pack for our hotel stay. Although some of us (or should we say “most of us”) still forget one or two of these, they are not new to us. But what if we tell you there are items that aren’t usually on your packing list but will change your getaways forever? We share 5 of our best tips on what to bring to make your hotel stay the ultimate weekend of relaxation and fun.

1. Entertainment

There are many things you can still do in a city, even when the museums and restaurants are closed. Enjoy long walks in a park or beautiful streets, or visit monuments that are normally too crowded to see. However, with fewer options, it’s important to also be able to enjoy yourself in the hotel. Bringing some entertainment in your suitcase is an excellent idea. What about a pack of cards or that board game that you used to love when you were younger? Or maybe you’ve become a professional chess player during the lockdown? It’s easy to bring and makes your stay so much fun.  

Do you want to snuggle up in bed and watch a movie together? Bring your laptop or iPad with you. Many hotels have a television in the rooms, but sometimes that’s not a guarantee for having great options to watch. By bringing your laptop or iPad you get to decide what to watch. Want to make it even better? Bring an HDMI cable so you can connect your laptop to the television. We’ll leave it up to you to decide if you’re going to watch romance or horror (we vote for The Notebook).  

2. Comfort

Hotels use great quality textiles to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Even though we love many of them, like the wonderfully soft towels, for some things there’s no place like home. A perfect example is a pillow. Have you ever slept on a better pillow than your own? So why not bring it on your getaway? You’ll sleep like a baby in a luxury hotel bed with your own pillow. Another plus: it’s extra covid-safe. Not got enough space to pack a pillow? Bring your pillow cover. How about your slippers? Keep your feet cozy and warm while you wander around your hotel room. Not sure if the hotel provides a robe? Bring yours! You will be a mummy of relaxation and softness.  It’s a guarantee that you will return home feeling well-rested and full of new energy.

3. Romance

Going on a getaway with your partner? Let’s bring in the romance. There are many things that you can easily bring in your suitcase to make your stay a little more romantic. A few candles and some rose petals will already do the trick. Of course, make sure that you never leave the room without blowing them out. Safety first! To start off your hotel stay right, bring champagne to cheers to a wonderful weekend together. An extra tip: bring your own glasses just in case. Make your surprise complete by packing some chocolate. We all know the way to someone’s heart…  

Do you want to completely surprise your partner? You can also call the hotel in advance and ask if they can prepare a romantic entrance for when you and your partner arrive. Less to pack for you and an unforgettable surprise for your partner.

Bonus tip: be covid-safe

We can’t finish without making sure that you will feel safe during your trip. We know hotels are doing their best to keep the rooms as clean as possible. However, it doesn’t hurt to bring pre-precautions to be extra safe. In addition, there are many things in a hotel room that people touch often that are not normally cleaned deeply. Think about doorknobs, remotes, and switches. A perfect way to sanitise these easily is with anti-bacterial wipes. Easy to pack and very effective. If you prefer to do a bigger clean-up when you arrive, bringing gloves and extra paper towels could be a great idea. Of course, the good old face masks and hand sanitisers can’t be missed here. Lastly, don’t forget to open the windows when you arrive to ventilate the room well.

Some additional tips to keep contact moments as low as possible: use touchless payment methods and bring some snacks so you don’t have to go to the convenience store or use a vending machine.

We wish you a wonderful staycation! It’s the best way to relax these days.