5 romantic cities in Europe you need to visit

5 romantic cities in Europe you need to visit

February 12th, 2021

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With Valentine’s Day coming up we are feeling extra happy. Seeing everyone sharing their love for one another is so heart-warming. A popular Valentine’s Day gift these days is going away together for some quality time. In need of inspiration for your next romantic destination? We have selected 5 romantic cities in Europe that are less touristy but full of romance.

Are you planning a staycation with your Valentine? Or are you going to give a getaway so you both have something to look forward to? Then you are definitely going to enjoy reading about these romantic destinations. Of course, cities like Paris and Rome are perfect destinations for romantic strolls and cheering on your love with a good glass of wine. However, they can be too crowded and cliche for some of us. Others may have already experienced these popular cities. That is why we have selected 5 European cities that are less known, but just as romantic. These European destinations are perfect for lovers who want to take stroll after stroll without standing in line for the most beautiful sightseeings.

1. Tromsø, Norway

Is your Valentine a true lover of nature and isn’t afraid of a bit of cold? Then Tromsø might be the perfect destination. Maybe we only need to say one thing about this city: the northern lights. It doesn’t get more romantic than that. For people who have this on their bucket list, it’s the place to be. This city is called “Gateway to the Arctic” because it experiences more northern lights than any other city in the world. It’s not just the northern lights that make this city a great destination to experience the wonders of nature. You can also enjoy romantic dark nights during the Polar Night, when the sun doesn’t make it above the horizon. Do you prefer sunlight? Then the Midnight Sun period is your cup of tea. The sun will hit just above the horizon, making it a spectacular view that is indescribably beautiful. Tromsø also doesn’t disappoint with sightseeing. You can visit several museums, go to a great viewpoint by cable car and visit the Arctic Cathedral. Ready to pack your gloves and earmuffs?

Tromsø tip: if you want the best chance to spot the northern lights, visit Tromsø somewhere between 21st May to 21st July or 21st November to 21st January.

2. Florence Italy

Do you prefer the warmer cities? Then Florence could be your next destination. It’s no secret that Italy is full of cities to roam around in while enjoying a glass of wine and eating the best dishes. Florence is no exception here. It is the perfect place to go from viewpoint to viewpoint while stopping here and there to enjoy food and drinks. Start in the botanical garden of Villa Bardini, before making your way to the great view at Piazzale Michelangelo, and end up in the amazing square Piazza della Signoria by night. Florence has great places for the best wine, food, and aperitivo, making it a perfect city for those who love to hop from one sightseeing spot to the next terrace. 

Florence tip: are you a true foodie? Sign up for a food tour! Florence has great options for tours that are guided by wonderful locals. Hop from one food court to the other and experience the best food in town.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

A fan of medieval fairy tales? Edinburgh will blow you away with the most beautiful castles. For lovers who enjoy sightseeing, this city is a great option. From castles to gardens, and museums to smaller villages closeby, there is enough to do to fill days of experiencing the Scottish culture. When you need a break from the romantic walks along the Water of Leith River and visiting Edinburgh Castle, you can relax with a picnic in the Princess Street Gardens. Once you have continued your strolls through the lovely Dean Village and enjoyed a beer in one of Edinburgh’s beer gardens, you will not regret ending your day by viewing the beautiful sunset from Calton Hill. Are the butterflies in your stomach still flying around from all the romantic activities? Then there’s a good chance that you have enough energy to enjoy live music in one of Edinburgh’s bars while sipping from a good whiskey. A perfect city for couples who enjoy the medieval atmosphere and music!

Edinburgh tip: Edinburgh has many beautiful destinations close by that are worth visiting. What do you think of Glasgow? The city of great music. Other options are the Pentlands, North Berwick, and Rosslyn Chapel.

4. Seville, Spain

On to a city that requires a lighter suitcase thanks to the warm weather: Seville. For couples who love to experience the city on foot as much as possible, Seville is a great option. The city is flat and not too big, which makes it easy to walk everywhere. However, hiring a bicycle to chase the sunset is also a great tip. Walk around the city, stop at Plaza de España, hop in a museum, and visit the palace Real Elcázar. These are just a few of the many great activities in Seville. Taking a break on a terrace is a real treat as you can taste more tapas than you can count while quenching your thirst with a refreshing sangria. The evenings in Seville are unforgettable. Start off your evening by watching the sunset from Las Setas, which gives a beautiful view of the city. To feel the city’s passion, you can watch one of the many flamenco shows in the city centre. End your evening by having a last glass of wine in the bar and walking back to your hotel along the river at Plaza de España. Did we just describe your perfect romantic weekend?

Seville tip: We said that walking through the city is easy, but there are also two great options to see the city in the most romantic way: a horse-drawn carriage ride through the streets and a boat trip through the river. We are sure that your partner will love this as a surprise.

5. Annecy, France

When you think of France and romance, we all know which city comes to mind. How about we surprise you with a completely different city that is guaranteed to create sparks? The old city of Annecy is as charming and romantic as it can get. With beautiful picturesque buildings that look like tiny castles and the canals that surround them, you will feel like you have landed on a film set. These small rivers lead to Lake Annecy, a beautiful lake with crystal clear water. Are you an adventurous couple? There are many activities that you can do on and around the lake, such as hiking, paragliding, and rock-climbing. To relax you can take a walk along the shore while stopping here and there to visit one of the gardens, such as the Jardins de l’Europe. The city feels complete with its huge castle that you can visit during the day. As a French city, the food and drinks are guaranteed to be amazing, including the best ice cream and cheese fondue that you will ever have. Are you ready for your dream getaway?

Annecy tip: Annecy has great festivals all year round, including the Venetian Carnival (March), the International Animated Film Festival (June), and the Annecy Lake Festival (August). It’s a great idea to build your trip around one of these festivals.

Has this made you excited to plan your next trip with your Valentine? These cities are of course also fantastic to experience with your Galentine. If you would love to let your Valentine choose the destination, giving an Experiencegift is a great option. You surprise them with a personalised gift, and they decide where and when to spend it. Fly away, you lovebirds! 

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