Finding the Perfect Fit: An Interview with Our Talent Manager Laura

Finding the Perfect Fit: An Interview with Our Talent Manager Laura

July 14th, 2022

Having recently returned from Barcelona, last week we caught up with our Talent Manager Laura Gonzalez for another meet-the-team interview. Dive into our chat, as she tells us all about her Experiencegift journey and what she looks for when finding the perfect fit.

Hi Laura! Thanks for chatting with us. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers? 
Hi! I’m 31 years old and from Madrid, Spain. I’m crazy about animals, especially my beautiful dog Costakade (Costi for friends), travelling and food. As a people person, my fascination for getting to know people from different cultures, motivated me to pursue an MSc degree in Psychology. After graduating, I felt like experiencing some time abroad, so I told my parents I planned to live in Scotland for 6 months. My 6-month adventure turned into 3 years in Edinburgh and 4 in Amsterdam… After 7 years abroad, my lovely mum keeps asking when I’m coming back!

How did your journey as Talent Manager at Experiencegift begin? 
After 4 years in my previous position, I felt like it was time for a new challenge. After speaking with our founders Loes and Jorik, I was excited at the opportunity to join this fast-growing scale-up and help them build our People & Culture department from scratch.

We’re growing fast. What do you look for when searching for the perfect fit? 
While skills play a huge factor, what I also pay close attention to is a candidate’s attitude and motivation. For me, it’s important to find people with the same ambition I have to grow, succeed and contribute to something bigger.

In your opinion, what makes great company culture? 

I believe that great company culture is about PEOPLE. Offering an exceptional employee experience and building a team with talented and motivated individuals are the best ingredients for a successful workplace. 

Which upcoming project/initiative are you most excited about? 

As we’re presently building our People & Culture department, everything is exciting at the moment. This quarter, we’re scaling up our teams but also introducing new initiatives and systems to keep people happy. We’re launching our first PEOPLE system ‘HiBob’ (Yay!) and also introducing working abroad and flexible work hours policies.

What’s your favourite part about working with the Experiencegift team? 

There are so many exciting things happening at the moment, that it’s hard to choose! However, my top 3 would definitely be having a visible impact in such an important department, working alongside our fun and international team and bringing my loyal co-worker Costa to the office every day.

Any fun summer plans?

Spend time with my amazing family! I  just booked my tickets to go to Spain! My parents have a house close to Valencia and they spend the summers there. I can’t wait to join them with my brother, my sister, Costi and my other dogs, Whisky and Niles and spend time on the beach together.

Thank you Laura, for giving us a peek into your Experiencegift journey! 

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