The 7 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Around the World

The 7 Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas From Around the World

March 10th, 2021

Mums are the real deal. That’s why Mother’s Day should never be underestimated. It’s a worldly celebration of the most important people in the world, who are doing a fantastic job raising their young ones with love and care.

Even though the name and reason behind it are the same, the way it’s celebrated varies per country. From thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts to special dishes, the traditions around the world could be more different than you might think.

Did you know that Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates in various countries? The UK and Ireland are the first to spoil their mother, as they celebrate it on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

For many other countries, such as Australia, the US, China, India, and most countries in Europe, this celebratory day is held on the second Sunday of May. In Spain, they celebrate their mother on the first Sunday of May and France on the last.

There are also countries that spend their day pampering their mothers in October and November. Almost every month a country celebrates their mothers. That’s exactly what the world needs!

It’s not just the date of Mother’s Day that differs in countries all over the world. The traditions on this day are also diverse. Some treat their mother with a luxury breakfast in bed and others take them on a day out to the spa or a restaurant. Some spoil them with Mother’s Day gifts, and others go on an unforgettable experience.

We love to learn about cultures, and therefore want to share the Mother’s Day traditions of several countries with you. At the same time, it’ll also give you some gift idea inspiration for your Mum’s special day. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Mother’s Day in the UK and Ireland

Mother’s Day (or Mothering Sunday) in the UK and Ireland is all about going out for the day. Mothering Day has changed a lot since its origin, as it was created as a religious day. Throughout the years, this celebratory day has shifted to showing appreciation to mothers by spoiling them with lovely written cards and a small gift.

Even in the most recent years, new traditions are still being created on Mother’s Day in these countries. A popular way to spend Mothering Sunday these days is to dress up in gorgeous outfits and take out mums to luxury restaurants for an extensive brunch or dinner.

What’s a holiday without a food tradition? That’s right, no holiday at all. The British and Irish treat their mothers to cakes and buns on this day. This all started in the early years of Mother’s Day with simnel cake. This is a fruit cake with almond paste.

Mother’s Day activities inspired by UK traditions

  • – Take your Mum out for an afternoon tea at The Ritz hotel. Fun fact: this hotel is bookable through Hotelgift.
  • – Sip on as many drinks as you like during a bottomless mimosa brunch on a cruise in New York City.
  • – Dress up and enjoy a private wine master class in a historic Parisian restaurant.

Mother’s Day in most of Europe

Many countries in Europe celebrate Mother’s Day on the same day. Even the traditions are quite similar. It’s mainly celebrated by families with younger children, where the children and father get up early in the morning to prepare a luxurious breakfast in bed.

The Mother’s Day gifts are mainly handcrafted and are all about giving an experience. Children spend time at school making beautiful drawings that include sweet messages to thank their mother for all her hard work. They also create gifts like coupons for small things like “5 hugs throughout the day” and a day card for “going hiking in the woods”.

Some children even write poems for their mum. In some countries across Europe, like Germany, France, and Spain, a festive meal is also a big part of the day. It’s all about letting mum relax in her chair while the children and dad pamper her with food and hugs. It’s a truly relaxing day for the family that they mainly spend at home or at a weekend away.

Mother’s Day ideas for weekend getaways in Europe

  • – Admire the historic architecture in Rome, Italy while staying in the warm guest house Rome Central Rooms.
  • – Enjoy the vibrant Berlin, Germany and spend the night in the modern Hotel Indigo Berlin.
  • – Visit the colourful city of Stockholm, Sweden and stay in the trendy NOFO Hotel.

Mother’s Day in the US

The country where it all began. Mother’s Day was founded by the American Julia Ward Howe In 1870. Mothers in the US can expect to be overloaded with cards and gifts on Mother’s Day.

Most cards will have the sweetest messages written on them. These cards go hand in hand with pretty flowers and gifts such as chocolates, perfumes, and gift cards. Some families give their mother a little getaway, such as a spa or a city trip.

Many families go out for a nice dinner, while others stay at home and prepare their mother’s favourite meal. Children who are unfortunately not able to see their family on Mother’s Day make sure to take the time for a long phone call to show their gratitude. It’s a day where moms get spoiled as much as possible.

Mother’s Day gifts inspired by the US

Mother’s Day in Australia

Mother’s Day in Australia is covered in flowers. This is Australia’s most popular gift for Mother’s Day. Carnations and chrysanthemums are the traditional flowers to surprise mothers. These flowers are typically combined with gift vouchers from the children to go do something fun, such as visiting a museum or a getaway.

Different from many countries in Europe, where they mainly stay at home to relax, families in Australia like to go out and do an activity, such as visiting the zoo or a botanical garden.

Aunts and grandmothers are also spoiled on this day. However, it’s not just about pampering their own families. Just when you thought that this day couldn’t be more lovable, Australians take it to the next level. How? Many events and activities are held to raise money for women’s charities.

Mother’s Day activity gifts inspired by Australian traditions.

Mother’s Day in Mexico

Have you got a Mama who loves a party? Get inspired by Mexican traditions to give her the perfect Mother’s Day. Día de las Madres is a big one for Mexican families. It always takes place on 10th of May, no matter which day of the week. It’s spent celebrating from the early morning hours until the sun goes down.

Food, music, dancing, and drinks are the main themes of a Mexican Mother’s Day. The day starts with a serenade of the song “Las Mañanitas” and fresh flowers. Just like in Australia, flowers are never excluded from the gifts to their mothers. Eating is done mainly out of the house, which makes the restaurants packed with loving families and beautifully dressed-up madres.

Mother’s Day activities inspired by Mexico

There you have it, some of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts and traditions across the globe. Even though some traditions are different, we all have the same goal: showing gratitude to mothers and making sure that they feel loved and spoiled.

How are you going to pamper your mum this year? A high tea in a fancy restaurant, a hike in a National Park, or are you giving her a getaway? There’s no doubt that she will feel like the luckiest mum in the world.