Mother’s Day traditions of the Experiencegift team

Mother’s Day traditions of the Experiencegift team

March 12th, 2021

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Happy Mother’s Day! We hope you are celebrating it well by spoiling your mum with your amazing traditions. Are you a mum yourself? Sit back and relax while you enjoy your special day full of love.


Our Experiencegift team consists of a fantastic mix of different nationalities and cultures, which makes it great fun to share our traditions with each other. After hearing about all the Mother’s Day traditions we got so excited that we decided to share them with you. From old to new traditions, and how we are celebrating it differently this year. Let’s see if you recognise some of them.

Rachael’s Mother’s Day traditions

Our British colleague Rachael loves to spoil her mum. This is what she told us about her traditions throughout the years.

“When I was a teenager and living at home, I would get up early to make my mum a special breakfast. Nowadays, I usually take her out for lunch on Mother’s Day. This year I’ll send her a surprise food delivery and enjoy a chat over Facetime.”

George’s Mother’s Day traditions

George is our Greek colleague and has had the same Mother’s Day traditions with his mother since he was a teenager. 

“Ever since I was a teenager until today, I give a bucket of spring flowers to my mother and then we have barbecue. This year I will send her a bucket again. Unfortunately, we won’t have barbecue.”

Aniek’s Mother’s Day traditions 

Our colleague Aniek is Dutch and is a big fan of holidays, including Mother’s Day. She shares her memories from when she was younger and tells what she’s doing this year.

“Growing up in a big family with 4 daughters, my holidays have always been great fun yet chaotic. My first tradition on Mother’s Day was breakfast in bed. We would get up early in the morning and prepare a big breakfast together with Dad. With Dad being a terrible cook and 4 little girls running around, this led to funny situations and a terrible breakfast. Therefore, we decided to change our tradition (lucky Dad). Ever since then, we go for a long walk in a beautiful forest where we stop at a tea house for a lovely high tea. This year, we need to celebrate Mother’s Day differently. I will spoil my mum with her favourite flowers, classic red roses, and her favourite chocolate.”

Lina’s Mother Day traditions

Lina, our Greek designer, shares a wonderful memory of her Mother’s Day tradition. What will she do this year?

“When I was a child, I remember there was this yearly flower exhibition that Athens organised. It started right before Mother’s Day. My school arranged a small trip there before that day every year. I would always buy a big pot of flowers for my mother at the festival and keep it secret by trying to hide the big pot when coming back from school. The next morning she would wake up and see the surprise. Now, I still give her flowers when I see her or we have a nice dinner together.”

Jorik’s Mother’s Day traditions

Our Dutch co founder Jorik shares his funny childhood memories of Mother’s Day traditions.

“When we were young we were always tinkering something at school for Mother’s Day. For example, we made paintings, cast our faces, and also made items with clay, such as an ashtray once (which, back in the day, was very normal). I always thought that I made a beautiful creation given the complements I got at the time from my parents. Now I know better.”

Wietske’s Mother’s Day traditions

Lastly we asked our Dutch colleague Wietske what her childhood memories of Mother’s Day are. 

When I was young I woke up early and brought her a nicely decorated breakfast in bed. And when I was really young I added a self made drawing with it.”

It’s lovely sharing these memories with each other and with you. Maybe you’re changing some of your traditions because of these stories? From everyone at Experiencegift, we wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day.