Welcome to Experiencegift

Welcome to Experiencegift

January 13th, 2021

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We want to welcome you to our brand new Experiencegift website! This is the place where you can find everything you need to know about us. But there is so much more to discover here! Curious to know more about our website? We’ll tell you all about it!

Experiencegift is the home of Hotelgift, Flightgift, and Activitygift. It all began with Hotelgift in 2014, when Co-founder Loes Daniels had the idea to make gifting travel as easy and fun as possible. After fast success, Hotelgift received two sisters: Flightgift and Activitygift. And so, Experiencegift was created. Together with our amazing team, we have made sure that you can make use of a beautiful website that makes it easy to find all our information and choose the perfect travel gift for your loved one. 

But that is not all, there are more travel gift cards coming! And you’ll be the first one to know by signing up for our newsletter on this website. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page!

Let’s have a look at what you can find on our beautiful new website.

Find all the information about all our gifts

Experiencegift is the proud owner of Flightgift, Hotelgift, and Activitygift. All of our three products are meant to make beautiful memories by giving an experience as a gift. It is up to you to choose what your recipient would like to receive. You can choose between:

1. Flightgift: Let’s see the world! Give your recipient freedom to choose their dream destination and fly with one of our 300+ partner airlines. All major airlines are included.
2. Hotelgift: Time to relax! Let your recipient choose their own getaway at one of 200,000 hotels worldwide. 
3. Activitygift: Experiences for all! Your recipient can choose an activity that suits them best from one of 18,000 activities worldwide.

Take a look at our homepage to get an overview of all our gifts. We are sure that you will find the perfect gift for your recipient!

Choose and buy a gift

How easy! You can order the gift that you would like to give to your loved one on our website. On our Create Gift Card page, you can easily choose your perfect gift, personalise as you like and send it to your recipient. Need some help? We’ve got you! In just a few minutes you have already become an unforgettable gift-giver. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to our Create Gift Card page
2. Select the gift that you want to give: Hotelgift, Flightgift or Activitygift
3. Personalise time! Choose an image that you like (or upload your own!) and write a personal message. Add the value of your gift card.
4. Choose your delivery method: a posted physical card, a printed PDF version, or an eGift through email
5. Fill in your details and finish by checking out

Easy peasy! A personal, thoughtful, and unforgettable gift that still gives your recipient freedom to spend it wherever and whenever they want.

Click here to create and order your gift card.

Discover the history of Experiencegift

Do you wonder how Experiencegift was created? You’re not the only one! That is why we have shared the story of how our Co-founder Loes Daniels had the idea of giving an unforgettable memory in a personal way. You can read our story on our About Us page. But there is to find there. We also share our most important values with you. Here you can find out how important giving memories is and what we do to achieve this. Are you curious to see who we are? We’re ready for you with a big smile on our faces!

Click here to go to our About Us page.

Find information about our non-profit collaborations

It’s important for us to give back to the planet that we are so keen to discover. We are grateful that we have the opportunity to travel and see the world, and believe that we have to take care of it too. We have teamed up with several non-profit organisations to make sure that we create a positive impact on our society and environment. For every gift card that is purchased and redeemed, we donate to one of our partner projects. One of these organisations is Made Blue. When you purchase a Hotelgift, you help to provide 1,000 liters of clear water to a place that needs it most. Another wonderful partner that we work with is Eden Reforestation Project. When you purchase a Flightgift, a tree is planted in a place that needs it most. Working with both of these projects means you don’t just help to make a greener world, but you also make sure that families in that area have a job and can provide for their children. Both of these projects make a huge impact on our world and you are part of it!

Learn more about our non-profit partners here.

Let’s discover!

Ready to see what more we have to offer? Let’s get started! 

Explore our website and let your recipient explore the world.