These relatable travel blunders will change the way you pack your suitcase

These relatable travel blunders will change the way you pack your suitcase

August 31st, 2021

Think about the last time you went on holiday. What memory pops into your head? Is it swimming in the sea, laughing with your friends, or that night you danced all night long? Most of these memories are lovely, others are funny, and some are major blunders. We have to admit, the last ones make the best stories, right? That’s why we’ve collected the most memorable stories while preparing for our trip.

From bruising body parts to forgetting every single suitcase at home, we all have a blunder that taught us a lesson in packing. The upside of these slightly embarrassing stories is that they turn out to be useful packing tips to make our holiday preparation significantly easier. Have you ever heard of stuffing your shoes? Neither did we, but we’ll be using this trick for every trip from now on. 

Holiday preparation isn’t our favourite activity. Do you want to know we make our packing sessions more fun? The right music does the trick. The secret ingredients for the right playlist are variation, sing-a-longs, and a bouncing beat. Mambo No. 5, on full blast!

What’s your best packing tip?

Lina: “Make a list some days before you start packing (so you can add more until then) with the most important stuff that you easily forget. Before leaving home double-check the list!”

Crystal: “Pack lightly and roll your clothes instead of folding them. This way you’ll save space in your suitcase for souvenirs.”

Imogen: “I stuff things in my shoes to make more space in my suitcase for clothes.”

Rachael: “My packing tip is to lay all your items out together before they go in the suitcase, then think about your day from waking up to going to bed. It helps you to identify if you’re missing something.”

Alisa: “Have very organized friends who are unlike you very well able to never forget anything.”

Aniek: “Use a toiletries bag for electronics. Multiple chargers, pocket light, headphones, e-reader, it’s more than you think and they’re easy to lose. Having everything in one place helps to keep it organised. Add the bag to hand your hand luggage and you’ll be twice as fast when going through security. A little extra tip: pack a plastic bag for dirty laundry.”

What’s your most memorable packing story?

Lina: “When I was traveling “light” to Italy and there was no way for my luggage to be light enough, so I had to wear most of my clothes – double-triple t-shirts, trousers, jackets (super hot) – at the airport, in order to let me on the plane.“

Crystal: “I took a gap year when I was 18 and travelled around South East Asia with my best friend. When I was packing, I had 1 backpack and had all of my clothes neatly laid out in anticipation. I was nervous, excited, and couldn’t wait to start our adventure!“

Imogen: “When I moved to Amsterdam to be a nanny, I had so many suitcases that we nearly didn’t fit all the stuff in the car. My new host mum had to remove part of the baby seat to make space, and my dad (who is 195cm tall) and I had to squeeze into the tiny car for the 30-minute drive to my new home. Thankfully, we made it there safely and only a little bit squished!“

Rachael: “Due to something unexpected, my Fiance and I didn’t have time to pack our suitcases before a 10 day trip to Italy, so off we went with empty suitcases and the only clothes we took with us were the items we were already wearing. Luckily, they have very nice shops in Italy!“

Alisa: “Long story short: A very fun night in Marbella, an alarm clock that has not been heard and pure panic in the hotel room while throwing everything in suitcases.“

Aniek: “I once sat on my suitcase trying to close it (yes, I’m an over-packer) and got my finger stuck. In other words, I severely bruised my own finger by sitting on it.“

Have you ever forgotten something? If so, what?

Lina: “I always forget something! Chargers, sunglasses, sunscreens, toothbrush, hairbrush… Then I run to buy new ones from the place I visit! “

Crystal: “My ex-boyfriend and I once drove an hour and a half to the airport, parked up the car, and paid for the parking before realising we’d forgotten ALL of the suitcases at home. Needless to say, it was a very awkward car ride back home.“

Imogen: “We went on a family holiday to Florida, US, when I was 13, and on the last day we were all packing our bags to go home and I left my brand new iPod (it was pink and my prized possession) mixed up in the bedsheets. I only realised when I was about to board the flight home. My parents had to pay the hotel to Fed-Ex it back to England. They were not amused. “

Rachael: “I’ve forgotten my toothbrush (gross!) on multiple occasions.“

Alisa: “Tent poles for camping.“

Aniek: “The one time I didn’t make a checklist for packing, I forgot the most important item: my wallet. And when I went back to get it, I left my phone on the table. I never pack without a checklist anymore.“

“I will never leave without packing…”

Lina: “Everything! I am an over over-packer! But a nice book to keep me company during a flight or at the beach is always with me.“

Crystal: “My art journal. I write in it daily when I’m travelling and stick in tiny receipts, memories, or bus tickets. It helps me remember all of the great times I’ve had and I love re-reading them years later.“

Imogen: “Undies and factor 50 sun cream! Both essential items!“

Rachael: “Only half of what I actually need! I’m a chronic under-packer. I once went on holiday to France for 2 weeks with only 2 t-shirts. I also only packed 1 pair of jeans for a 6 month trip to South America. I regretted both choices. The allure of having a light bag beats having multiple outfit choices every time. “

Alisa: “Snacks for the journey. A lot of snacks for the journey!“

Aniek: “At least 3 games, my E-reader and Airpods.“

“It’s my dream to pack my suitcase for…” 

Lina: “The Grand Canyon!“

Crystal: “Alaska! I love the mountains and the snow. I was supposed to go there this year and live on a farm for a few months raising huskies. Unfortunately, the borders were closed due to Corona. Hopefully next year I will have the opportunity.“

Imogen: “Norway. I would love to see the Northern Lights!“

Rachael: “Hawaii. I really want to swim with wild dolphins and go surfing there!“

Alisa: “A wedding at the Lake District in northern Italy “

Aniek: “Canada, Japan, Lapland, Argentina… please stop me.“

Bonus: music tips for packing

A good packing session is not complete without a solid collection of songs. Music can help you with efficiency while packing and make it more fun at the same time. Are you a sucker for the Queen classics, or do you prefer Justin Bieber’s newest hit? You’ll find all of them and more in our Experiencegift Playlist. We’ve collected all our favourite songs that we like to listen to while getting ready for our holiday, making it a mix with the best sing-a-longs from every music-era. Make sure to follow this list to get your body poppin’ while packin’ so you’ll have your suitcase filled in no time. Just got back from holiday?  This list will help you transport to your past holiday to relive it all over again.

Click here to listen to Experiencegift’s Packing Playlist.