7 significant benefits of going on a mini-holiday

7 significant benefits of going on a mini-holiday

July 28th, 2021

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What if we told you that a short trip would give you just as many, if not more, benefits than a long one? The anticipation of big holidays is an exciting feeling. Choosing the destination, planning your activities, what is more thrilling than the ‘real big break’? Well, we’ve got the answer to that: a mini-holiday. It’s true that a long trip is a good way to feel refreshed, but a quick getaway is often underestimated. There are 7 factors that have a high positive effect on your health and play a big role in going on a mini-holiday.

1. Reduce stress

Taking time for a getaway improves your stress levels significantly. Multiple studies found that long weekends off have a strong and immediate impact on reducing the stress hormone cortisol. In addition, moving away from daily activities can help to clear your mind and look at both your work and personal life with a fresh start. Are you stuck on the same issue for a while and don’t know how to solve it? After a couple of days away, you’ll see things from a different angle, which might just include the solution that you’ve been searching for.
More breaks to look forward to will also make you more active and refreshed, adding to a positive mindset. The more trips, the more fun!

2. Renew energy

A short break will help you to feel pumped for the week ahead. Many factors of a mini-holiday play a role in boosting your energy. New surroundings can inspire you to explore the world, nature can help you calm down, and more sleep will give you the rest you need. By putting yourself in a different environment you get the opportunity to reset and prioritise the goals in your daily life. This will help you approach them with a clear head and increased motivation.

You’ll come back healthier and which significantly increases your productivity. Be ready to rock your week!

3. Broaden your horizons

Next to mental benefits, there are also multiple advantages for personal growth. Become a true world traveller by visiting different destinations. Small getaways will let you explore more destinations, learn from multiple cultures, and make memories. Even a city nearby could open up a new way of seeing things. Doing something for the first time can provide a thrilling rush, also called dopamine. Dopamine lets us feel pleasure and excitement and plays a big factor in helping us focus and strive. You’ll broaden your horizons in the most fun way possible.

An extra tip: experience the less touristy destinations. You’ll discover unexpected areas that are less crowded than the popular ones. These cities will also feel calmer, which is beneficial for your rest.

4. Reward your hard work

It’s easy to get caught up in your daily life without taking a step back to be proud of yourself. You need to reward the work you do. By taking some time off to enjoy a break in a new destination, you treat yourself to rest and fun. Sleep in, go out for dinner, do fun activities, and have a glass of wine. You deserve it!

5. Take time for your loved one(s)

Taking more time to spend with family and friends strengthens your bond. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find the time to sit down with loved ones and have those long conversations that are needed to reconnect. By going on a getaway with a friend or partner you create the time to fully listen to each other and appreciate the time together.

6. Motivate & boost creativity

You already know how these mini-holidays help to increase your energy. Having a recharged battery can make you more productive and happier. But there’s more to it. Feeling relaxed and daydreaming on your days off can allow your imagination to roam free, giving your creativity a major boost. On top of that, being surrounded by a different environment can strengthen it even more.

7. Make new memories

Last but not least, the memories you make on your trip will stay with you forever. Your getaway brings excitement in three stages:
1. The anticipation before you leave. This gives you a boost before you even take off.
2. The joy during your stay. This is where you soak up the fun and new energy.
3. The memories you take home. You will live on this for a long time.

Memories are the best gifts we can give to others and ourselves. They bring joy, love, and growth, which are the best contributors to a happy life.


Do we need to say more? Treat yourself to a mini-holiday, you deserve it!

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