Corporate gift-giving is an enduring tradition in the world of business. It serves as a means to express appreciation, strengthen connections, and cultivate goodwill. While the realm of corporate gifts offers a plethora of options, there's one category that has been steadily gaining popularity: experience gifts. In this blog, we'll explore the reasons why experience gifts, also known as experience gift certificates, stand out as the best corporate gifts in the United States.

The Rise of Corporate Gifting

a woman gets an experience gift as a corporate gift
Before we dive into the advantages of experience gifts, it's worth understanding the factors contributing to the rising trend of corporate gifting in recent years. Experts say that the corporate gift market has grown an unbelievable 400% over the last five years. Here are some key reasons behind this upward trajectory:

  • Personalized Connections: In an increasingly digital world, personal connections are more valued than ever. Corporate gifting allows businesses to foster deeper relationships with clients, partners, and employees by acknowledging their individuality and preferences.
  • Recognition and Appreciation: Companies have recognized the importance of recognizing and appreciating their stakeholders' efforts and contributions. Corporate gifts serve as a tangible expression of gratitude and acknowledgment.
  • Competitive Edge: In a competitive business landscape, creating a memorable impression is vital. Well-thought-out corporate gifts set your company apart, making it more likely that you'll be remembered and considered favorably in the future.

Now, let's delve into the main topic: why exactly are experience gifts gaining ground as the best choice for corporate gifting in the United States.

When Should You Give a Corporate Gift?

Choosing the right time to give a corporate gift is crucial. Here are some occasions when it's appropriate to show your appreciation:

  • Holidays: Celebrating festive seasons like Easter, Christmas, New Year, Diwali with a personalized corporate gift can brighten the recipient's day.
  • Work Anniversaries: Marking milestones such as the anniversary of a partnership or an employee's service years demonstrates your commitment to the relationship and shows your appreciation for their invaluable loyalty.
  • Achievements: Recognizing accomplishments, whether personal or professional, with a corporate gift can boost morale and motivation.
  • Thank You: Expressing gratitude for a job well done or a successful collaboration reinforces positive working relationships and is said to boost employee retention

Now, let's delve into the main topic: why experience gifts are the ultimate choice for corporate gifting.

7 Reasons Why Experiences Make the Best Corporate Gifts

1. They're Memorable and Unique

Due to the vast selection of gift experiences on offer with our experience gift cards, they're guaranteed to offer something out of the ordinary to your colleague, employee or business partner. Whether it's a spa day, golf experience, travel excursion or a culinary masterclass, these memorable gift experiences stand out from conventional (and frankly boring) corporate gifts.

2. Personal Connection

Choosing an experience gift shows that you've taken the time to understand the recipient's interests and tastes, fostering a deeper and more personal connection. And who wouldn't appreciate the chance to try an unforgettable new experience?

3. They're Flexible

Experience gift certificates empower the recipient to select the time and place to enjoy their gift, ensuring it seamlessly fits into their schedule.

4. They Reduce Clutter

Unlike physical corporate gifts that can accumulate and clutter spaces, experiences create cherished memories without occupying any physical space. Too often companies give their employees lame corporate gifts that their employees don't even want - think pens, mugs and hoodies. More often than not, these corporate gifts just get thrown to the back of their drawer never to be used again. Why not give your business associates and employees something that reignites their spirit and broadens their horizons? An experience gift certificate does exactly that.

5. They Have a Positive Impact on Well-being

Experiences contribute positively to well-being by reducing stress, increasing happiness, and promoting a healthy work-life balance – aligning perfectly with corporate wellness initiatives. As a result, your workplace will be filled with energetic, postive people. What could be better?

6. They're Sustainable

our corporate gift cards are eco friendly and sustainable due to our partnerships with NGOs
Experience gifts are eco-friendly, producing no waste and having a smaller carbon footprint compared to physical items, aligning with a growing concern for sustainability. At Experiencegift, we care about the planet and are proud of our partnerships with NGOs like Made Blue and Eden Reforestation that provide vital water to impoverished communities and plant trees in the areas that need them the most.

7. They Boost Brand Perception

Associating your company with enjoyable experiences leaves a lasting imprint on recipients, elevating your brand's image and reputation. Plus, if you give branded corporate gifts, your recipients can proudly show off your brand wherever they go.

So, consider buying experience gifts to make a lasting impact on your corporate relationships, leaving behind cherished memories that will be treasured for years to come.

Give the Best Corporate Gifts with Flightgift, Hotelgift, and Activitygift

corporate gift cards from experience gift are the best corporate gift ideas
To take your corporate gifting to the next level, consider the premium offerings of Flightgift, Hotelgift, and Activitygift. These brands provide an array of experience vouchers in three convenient formats – eGift, physical, and printed PDF. Here's exactly why they make the best corporate gifts:

  1. Flightgift:Elevate your corporate gifting with flight vouchers that allow recipients to choose from over 400 top airlines that fly to over 980 worlwide destinations. It's the perfect corporate gift idea for your employees in need of some adventure and wanderlust.
  2. Hotelgift: Give the gift of luxurious hotel stays and unforgettable getaways with hotel vouchers from Hotelgift. Your corporate gift recipients can redeem their corporate gift over 750,000 hotels ensuring a comfortable and memorable experience that will let them come back to work rejuvenated and refreshed.
  3. Activitygift: For those who crave thrilling experiences Activitygift offers over 50,000 global activities and adventures. From skydiving to spa days, with an activity gift voucher, there's something for everyone.

What sets these corporate gift vouchers apart is their flexibility and super-easy customization options. Many businesses have expressed frustrations in the past with trying to find one corporate gift that suits the whole workforce, but our experience gifts leapfrog this issue as they give your recipient the power to choose exactly what they want to redeem their gift voucher on. Plus, you can fully customize these corporate gift vouchers with your brand's logo and messaging, ensuring a personalized touch that resonates with your recipients in just a few clicks.

So, to sum up our branded corporate gifts empower your employees to travel the world, get out their comfort zone and make new memories with their loved ones. Our experience gifts also highlight your appreciate for their hard work and loyalty and should only foster stronger relationships between you both