If you're lucky enough to travel to South Africa's Western Cape region, we highly recommend dedicating an entire day to visiting the Cape's finest vineyards. Known the world over for its Pinotage, the South African Wine Route is a real treasure trove for those wishing to discover a hidden facet of South Africa. Between its vineyards with French and Dutch heritage and its South African art of entertaining, you'll be charmed by this region of South Africa. In this article, we've put together our Top 9 best wineries to visit on South Africa's Wine Route.

Top 9 wineries on the Wine Route South Africa

  1. Boschendal (Franschooek)
  2. Babylonstoren (Franschooek)
  3. Haute Cabrière (Franschooek)
  4. Vergenoegd Loë (Stellenbosch)
  5. Ernie Els (Stellenbosch)
  6. Delaire Graff (Stellenbosch)
  7. Constantia Glen (Constantia)
  8. Beautiful Constantia (Constantia)
  9. Eagle Nest (Constantia)

The Best Wineries on South Africa's Wine Route in 2024

Whether you're an avid wine lover or simply want to spend a day exploring the secrets of South Africa's Cape Town region, a visit to the South Africa Wine Route is a must for your trip to this part of the world. So that you can enjoy not only the best vintages, but also the most beautiful vineyard views during your visit, here's our Top 9 best wineries to visit on South Africa's Wine Route in 2024.

The best vineyards in Franschhoek

Franschhoek also known as the French Quarter of the Cape region, is home to some of the world's most beautiful vineyards. Whether it's the peaceful atmosphere of this region, the sunny personality of South Africans or simply the vintages offered by the winemakers, you're bound to be charmed by this small Western Cape village. Just 45 minutes from Cape Town and 30 minutes from Stellenbosch, it's the perfect starting point for a tour of South Africa's Wine Trail.

Boschendal to Franschhoek

Boschendal vineyard on South Africa's Wine Route
In the heart of the Franschhoek vineyards, Boschendal is one of the finest vineyards on South Africa's Wine Route. When you arrive, you'll be charmed by the lush gardens, the views of the Wine Route mountains and, above all, the good humor of the hosts. This vineyard also has a restaurant that uses ingredients sourced directly from its gardens if you'd like to enjoy a lunch break in addition to your wine tasting.

During your wine tasting at this first vineyard, you can choose to combine each of your glasses with a platter of chocolates, charcuterie or cheeses to bring out the savory notes of each varietal.

Babylonstoren in Franschhoek

Babylonstoren vineyard on South Africa's wine route
Second vineyard on our South African Wine Route itinerary, Babylonstoren. This Cape Dutch-style farmhouse dates back to 1692 and is located in the beautiful Drakenstein Valley. Babylonstoren will charm you with its rustic style and the high quality of service offered on site. You'll wander through alleys of terracotta amphorae and the modern vats of this ancestral winery.

You'll learn about the history of this vineyard and each of the wines from this iconic farm in the Franschhoek region.
During your wine tasting, you can explore the cellars of this iconic vineyard in the region.

Haute Cabrière in Franschhoek

View of vineyards on the South African Wine Route in Franschooek
The 3rd stop on your South African Wine Route itinerary, Haute Cabrière boasts a rich history and an extraordinary setting for tasting South Africa's wonderful creations. The someliers who will introduce you to the story behind each bottle, sharing their passion in an intimate setting.

The Haute Cabrière tasting room offers both a view of the underground cellar and the Franschhoek valley below. Several wine tasting menus are available highlighting different grape varietals. It's also possible to combine your tasting with boards and pastries. We also recommend a stop at the Haute Cabrière bakery, for a quick snack before continuing your wine route itinerary.

  • Why visit this winery: its restaurant with its incredible view of the vineyard region
  • Price: $$
  • Our favorite wine: Haut Cabrière Chardonnay Réserve
  • Address: Lambrechts Rd, Franschhoek, 7690

The most beautiful vineyards in Stellenbosch

Just 45 minutes from Cape Town, Stellenbosch is the town with the highest concentration of vineyards (over 300 wineries) in the country. Considered the capital of South Africa's wine region, you can discover some of the country's finest vineyards when you visit Stellenbosch on the Wine Route.

Vergenoegd Löe in Stellenbosch

Wine tasting on South Africa's Wine Route in Stellenbosch
On your South African Wine Route itinerary, we highly recommend a stop at the Vergenoegd Löe vineyard. This is one of South Africa's oldest wine estates, covering over 160 hectares. During your visit, we highly recommend tasting the red wines of this winery, whose ruby hues and rich flavors are true odes to the Cape region.

The wine-tasting experience at this winery has been designed to heighten your senses. It's now possible to taste indigenous plants alongside the house wines to help you discover forgotten flavors.

Ernie Els in Stellenbosch

Ernie Els Vineyard in Stellenbosch on the South African Wine Route
Fifth stop on South Africa's Wine Route, Ernie Els located in the famous Helderberg region is a winery offering panoramic views of Cape Town and its famous Table Mountain. Although the winery's opening is very recent compared to the other estates on this list (2005), this vineyard has successfully combined ancestral viticultural techniques of reason with cutting-edge technology to produce tasty wines.

The warm welcome from the staff will also stay with you for a long time. The sommeliers, very attached to this region of the Western Cape, will introduce you to 4 single-varietal red wines, but also to other productions such as Chenin Blanc or Sauvignon Rosé. Several tasting menus will be on offer, and we strongly advise you to opt for the Major Tasting.

Delaire Graff in Stellenbosch

View from Delaire Graff on South Africa's Wine Route
This 6th stop on this Wine Route itinerary in South Africa is a must. The Delaire Graff estate is a 5-star estate with incredible views over the Stellenbosch valley. In addition to its international award-winning wines and state-of-the-art cellar, the estate is also renowned for its exceptional art collection and its two restaurants.

We urge you to promote yourself through the estate's immense gardens to admire both the sculptures and the breathtaking views over this wine-growing region of South Africa. Delaire Graff is not only a feast for the eyes, but also for your palate, as it offers an exclusive range of top-quality wines. During your wine tasting, you can choose from a menu of 3 to 5 wines, which you can combine with sharing platters.

  • Why visit this winery: for its sculptures and panoramic views
  • Price: $$$
  • Our favorite wine: Delaire Graff Sunrise Brut Cap Classique
  • Adresse : Helshoogte Rd, Stellenbosch, 7602

The best vineyards in Constantia

Last wine region on our list Constantia. Just a 20-minute drive from Cape Town's city center, this chic part of town boasts magnificent wine estates set on the slopes of the Cape Hills. It's also home to some of Cape Town's finest gourmet restaurants and some of the region's most beautiful Cape Dutch style buildings. Of the estates present in Constantia, the following 3 are our favorites and should be stops on your Vineyard Tour of South Africa's Wine Route.

Constantia Glen

View of Constantia Glen vineyards on South Africa's Wine Route
Constantia Glen is a small estate of 60 hectares (only 29 dedicated to vines) located on the slopes of a Cape Town hill. This family-run estate with an intimate atmosphere welcomes you to the sunny slopes of Constantiaberg to enjoy fresh, vibrant white and red wines. The atmosphere here is relaxed and perfect if you're not used to the tasting atmosphere but are still a fine connoisseur. There's that special something in the air that makes you feel like you're at a family friend's house enjoying fine wine in an enchanting setting.

Beautiful Constantia

Beau Constantia on South Africa's Wine Route
8th stop on our South African Wine Route itinerary, Beau Constantia. Like many vineyards in the Constantia region, this estate suffered devastating fires that destroyed much of the estate's vines. Owners Pierre and Cecily Du Preez, accompanied by viticulturist Megan van der Merwe, were determined to develop the vines on these slopes and replanted several grape varieties, including viognier, sauvignon blanc, semillon, cabernet franc, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, malbec, shiraz and petit verdot. With its 11 hectares this small estate nevertheless offers wines with powerful tastes and superior quality.

The farm includes an indoor and outdoor tasting area, as well as the award-winning Chef's Warehouse Constantia restaurant. Located at the very top of the Constantia Valley, you can enjoy unrivalled views of this magnificent region. If you have the opportunity, we also recommend booking a dinner at the table of Chefs Liam Tomlin and Ivor Jones.

Eagle Nest Wine Estate

View of Eagle Nest vineyards in Constantia on South Africa's Wine Route
The last winery on our list of must-do estates on South Africa's Wine Route, the Eagle Nest Wine Estate in Constantia. Thissmall estate was originally part of the Groot Constantia estate dating back to 1600. The 12 hectares of vines are nestled between a forest of young oak (replanted after the fires) and fynbos, giving this vineyard an enchanting charm.
The passion of the winemakers can be felt in every bottle, made mainly from characterful grape varieties such as shiraz, merlot, sauvignon and viognier. Hidden beneath a canopy of greenery, the tasting room is an incredible place to sample award-winning bottles in a family-friendly atmosphere.

  • Why visit this vineyard: the enchanting surroundings and the exclusivity of the estates
  • Price: $$
  • Our favorite wine: Litlle Eagle Red Blend
  • Address: Eagles Nest, Cape Town, 7806

Organizing your Trip Along South Africa's Wine Route

Now that you've got a list of the best wineries on South Africa's Wine Route, all that's left to do is head to the magnificent Western Cape region to taste iconic wines in the heart of a breathtaking landscape. If you still have a few questions about planning this Wine Route trip, we've answered the most frequently asked questions in the rest of the article to help you plan the perfect trip.

When to do the Wine Route in South Africa?

The advantage that the Cape region of South Africa has over many destinations around the world is that the weather is good for much of the year. If you're keen to discover South Africa's Wine Route and want to take advantage of optimal conditions, we advise you to go between September and May.

Where to sleep on a trip to South Africa's Wine Route?

The wine region isn't far from Cape Town, and you can easily take a day trip to Franschhoek and Stellenbosch before returning to Cape Town to sleep. However, if you want to enjoy an enchanting stay in these unique South African estates, we strongly recommend booking a night in one of the following hotels:

The Wine Tram an original way to visit South Africa's Wine Route

Visit South Africa's Wine Route with the Wine Tram
A more than original way to visit the Wine Route in South Africa is to take the Wine Tram to Franschhoek. This English bus-like train follows the concept of the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus seen in major capital cities to visit major monuments. In Franschhoek, the Wine Tram allows you to discover several wineries at your own pace and then catch the train to the next one. Several train lines are available serving different vineyards. The following table lists the wineries served on each line:

Blue LineOrange LinePink LineRed LineMarine Blue Line
DomainsFranschhoek Cellar
Grand Provence
Klein Goederust
Rickety Bridge
Anura Wine Estate
Bacco Wine EState
Chamonix Wine Estate
Dieu Donné Wine Estate
Franschhoek Cellar
Grand Provence
Franschhoek Cellar
Grand Provence
Haute Cabrière
Rickety Bridge
Plaisir Wine Estate
Vrede En Lust
Allée Bleue Wine Estate

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