12 Travel Gifts for Father's Day 2024

Are you looking for the perfect Father's Day gift for your dad who loves to travel? We've compiled the best list of travel essentials that dad can take to wherever he pleases. Whether your dad is a seasoned travel pro or new to the adventure lifestyle, these 12 travel gifts for dad are sure to make him feel special this Father's Day.

1. Portable Charger

Portable Charger
After taking all those photos he sends in the family group chat, I'm sure he will need to recharge his phone throughout his travels. A portable charger is the perfect gift for the traveling dad.

2. Meditation Sleepmask

Sleeping Mask
Is your dad planning a far off trip to Italy or Spain? This meditative sleeping mask will ensure he arrives in Europe well rested and ready to explore!

3. Portable Massage Gun

Portable Massage Gun
For the dads that aren't flying first class, a portable massage gun will come in handy after those long flights and less then ideal seats. He'll be sure to take a rest at his hotels to indulge in a quick recharger.

4. Weekenders Carryon Bag

Carryon Bag
We all know that dads travel light, but that doesn't mean they can't travel in style. This chic travel carry on bag is the ultimate travel gift for dad this Father's Day!

5. Travel Novel

Travel Book
If you are looking for a sentimental father daughter gift for Dad, then we recommend this fantastic travel recap between father and daughter. Maybe it will inspire a next adventure!

6. Travel Journal

Travel Notebook
If you've been listening to dads stories all your life, this perfect leather notebook will give him a place to jot all his new stories down to share.

7. Bombas Socks

When traveling you can never have too many socks, that's a rule. These high quality durable socks are not only stylish but for a good cause. Eq1ach pair of Bombas socks purchased is a donation to help homelessness.

8. Flight Gift Card

Flight Gift Card
For the best travel gift for dad gift him a flight gift card. With access to over 980 global destinations on 400+ airlines the world is truly his to explore. The best part is these flight gift cards are customizable and you can upload a photo and sweet message her can hold on to forever.

9. Neck Pillow

Neck Pillow
Level up dads travel game this year with this luxury neck pillow! Say goodbye to flat uncomfortable neck pillows, or sore necks after a flight. This plush and firm pillow has raved reviews for its maximum comfortability!

10. Hanging Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Bag
No matter which hotel dad stays at while traveling, this hanging toiletry bag is sure to make any hotel bathroom feel cozy. He'll feel refreshed to start his travels with this thoughtful gift.

11. Quip Toothbrush

Quip Toothbrush
Just because dad is traveling the world doesn't mean he has to leave comfort at home. Quip electric toothbrush is a slim design that allows dad to stay clean and refreshed while traveling.

12. Reading Book Light

If dad is an avid reader then a reading light is a useful travel gift for father's day! Whether he is reading on an overnight flight to Europe or sneaking a new pages in before bed, he will be happy with this neat gift.